About the collective

Sometimes Art House (SAH) is an art collective founded by women artists of color to encourage collaboration and self-care in the artistic process. The group hosts exhibitions that reimagine cultural productions and spaces that have traditionally exploited non-white communities and womyn. Originally a group formed by artists attending Michigan State University, the group's primarily digital presence has allowed the artist network to expand across Mid-Michigan and the greater Midwest. 

Since it's first pop-up art show in 2017, "Girl Gaze", the group has hosted or participated in 15 shows in Lansing, MI. Artists who have participated in these shows come from various backgrounds and were selected on their ability to empathize and accurately interpret the narratives of historically marginalized identity groups versus technical skill. In 2020, the group built a presence in Detroit and is currently working on a participatory art project with Alternatives For Girls, a non-profit based in the Southwest region of the motor city. The short-term goal for Sometimes Art House is to develop a structure for a traveling participatory art project that could be applied at various organizations and schools in need of creative outlets for teenagers and young adults. 

Through Sometimes Art House we hope to honor our ancestors and the legacy of the "L.A. Rebellion" collective, The Black Panther Party and other creative networks that promoted Black/brown liberation. One way we practice a pro-Black consciousness is through our annual anti-valentine's day celebration "Bitter Sometimes". This gathering/art exhibition is designed by survivors in the BlPOC and LGBTQ+ community to re-imagine power dynamics in nightlife settings while highlighting talent within their communities. 

The group's longterm goal is to create a residency program for (14-24) youth impacted by the foster care system and poverty to develop a creative portfolio and build skills in media arts management.