Final deadline: May 29th, 11:59 PM
Accepting all mediums to post on our website or print in Sometimes Art House Vol 1. In addition to your work, please include the following with your submission:
  1. Artist name
  2. City
  3. Website or handle (optional)
  4.  Brief artist statement explaining how your work connects to the theme (2 sentence minimum. No more than 150 words)


Reflecting on myths and pitfalls of living in a society that thinks of self-worth like a grocery list. For example, "Newer apartment = better life." What happens after you accomplish a life goal and experience half of the joy you thought it would bring you? Does graduating college look different based on your degree, socio-economic status or environment? Write a letter to Freshman you. Make a photo essay of your cap and gown burning in flames. Whatever it is, we want to see it. 


Photo essays, stories, poems or videos documenting special places where you perform everyday rituals. For visual submissions, please include at least 150 words on whom space belongs to and why it is special to you. Add location if necessary. Examples of rituals include: brushing teeth, walking, painting, breathing, dancing, living, etc.


As they say, "no one is born woke." Share a story from your personal journey, research on cultural norms, or painting on generational trauma. Attempt to answer big questions about yourself, society and the unknown. 

How To Submit

1) Read guidelines 2) Send your work to with the subject "SAH Submission"


Title (i.e. title_firstname_lastname)

Formats: .PDF or .DOCX 

Word Count : 1,500 MAX

In your submission please describe your performance including:

+ estimated duration

+ equipment needed (Mac's has a PA)

+ number of people in your act

+ medium


Individually Titled Files (i.e. title_firstname_lastname)

Formats: .PDF, .JPEG, .PNG, .NEF, .TIFF

(links to work are also acceptable for video/audio submissions)