Tip#1: Call someone and read them a poem

Hearing someone's voice for 2 minutes can be more meaningful than a 2-hour phone call. Keep it short and sweet, hot and heavy or lofty-long.

In most cases, the person on the other end won't pick up. So, take your time and make each word matter.

If they do answer, skip the formalities and just dive right into your poetic prose. After you read your poem, hang up.

If the recipient texts you asking "What was that?" Deny, Deny, Deny. Or maybe it could start a fruitful conversation on favorite poets.

Keep in mind that not everyone is used to this ambush style of affection. To remove the risk of your giftee answering the phone, just send a voice memo. We actually recommend this method if the person you are hoping to connect with is a Millennial (see we can take a joke.)

Flowery text reading "Call Someone Read Them A Poem" floats over a yellow rotary phone. The words " Sometimes Art House" is in the center of the phone

Illustration by Baz

Got any poem recommendations?

Leave a poem recommendation in the comments and perhaps what kind of relationship or mood it suits best.

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