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Founder & Creative Director, She/Her

Audrey Matusz


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Director of Operations and Special Projects

Rachel Brunhild


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Community Outreach Coordinator, They/Them

Baz Pugmire


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Creative Director, She/Her

Molly Eddington


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Arts and Culture Editor, She/Her

Diamond Henry,

Rachel Brunhild, Director of Operations and Special Projects, She/Her

Rachel is a contemporary artist and designer interested in revealing narratives about the human connection to our environment and the female experience within our world. She is currently pursuing an advanced degree in fibers and textiles with an emphasis in sustainability while continuing to produce digital artwork and paintings. It is her goal to continue to build a welcoming and creative atmosphere for anyone who enters the Sometimes Art House community.

Diamond Henry, Arts and Culture Editor, She/Her

Diamond has always been a story teller. It became obvious to her that this was her calling in fifth grade, when her short stories and essays would make it to her teacher’s “hall of fame” every week. An avid talker, Diamond uses her flavorful vocabulary and exuberant personality to bring others into her world with the stories she tells. Be it visual, written or audio, Diamond’s only hope is to make things people can enjoy, even if its just a little, in this crazy life. 

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Baz Pugmire, Community Outreach Coordinator, They/Them

S.K. Baz Pugmire is a 21 year old, queer artist and student living in the East Lansing area. They are currently attending school for a BA in Arts and Humanities with minors in history and comics at Michigan State. Baz is a writer, poet, artist and muralist and they strive to always continue to engage in their artistic learning.  Pugmire’s running themes in their work often revolve around cultivating empathy and passion, highlighting the capacity people have to be acknowledged for their healing, growth, and love in this messy world.

Molly is an MSU graduate with a BFA in photography and a minor in graphic design. For as long as she can remember, she has loved documenting life through the means of photography, drawing, painting or writing. Molly believes art is the rawest look into her reality, which is why most of her recent work focuses on women’s rights and how people use gender to navigate political spaces. 

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